Hamburg musicians

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Hamburg musicians

Beitrag von MICHAEL D. BRIGHT » Dienstag 3. Mai 2016, 20:08

This is my first post here at 'Memory Music', an inquiry re. some notable musicians who were active in the Hamburg area in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. Hamburg is, in my opinion,
one of the finest cities in which so much great jazz and pop music was recorded years ago.
These musicians played with many jazz bands, as well as in the more pop oriented bands of such artists as James Last, Bert Kaempfert, Herbert Rehbein, Gunter Noris, etc.

First, guitarist BERT HELSING, born-geboren in Dusseldorf, 3 October 1920. Can anyone inform me as to if he is still living ? He would be 95 at this writing.

Bassist KARL HEINZ GREWE* - prolific session musician, bassist; born-geb. 12.5.1921 - not sure where, though I presume somewhere in Germany.
I assume he is still living, but I'm not sure. *Surname is often spelled 'GREVE'.

Finally, the fine jazz saxophonist EMIL WURSTER, geb. 15 Marz, 1929 -again, not sure where he was born-geboren (?) though he appears to be living.

Thanks -Danke!- to anyone with any information re. any of the above musicians. This will be most appreciated.
I did contact the musicians union GVL. They were a great assistance to me re. some of the data. However, these musicians are long in retirement
und the union has no updated info on their files.
Thanks again,
MICHAEL (California, USA)

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Re: Hamburg musicians

Beitrag von waelz » Freitag 6. Mai 2016, 11:29

I did put these questions under the title "Deutsche Oldies" Please look there, if anybody can help you.